Free Delivery and Returns on All Ready to Wear


These are the terms and conditions on which we supply our products to you and terms relating to your use of our website and information contained herein.

Please read these terms carefully before you submit your order to us. These terms tell you who we are, how we will provide products to you, how you and we may change or end the contract, what to do if there is a problem and other important information. If you think that there is a mistake in these terms, please contact us to discuss.

About you. To shop with us, you need to:

  • be at least 16 years old;
  • have a credit or debit card that we accept; and
  • be authorised to use that credit or debit card (e.g. it is in your name or you have permission to use it).

Who we are. We are Each x Every Limited a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 11383818 and our registered office is at 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ.

How to contact us. You can contact us by writing to us at

How we may contact you. If we have to contact you we will do so by telephone or by writing to you at the email address you provided to us in your order.

Delivery costs, VAT and import tariffs. The costs of delivery will be as displayed to you on our website. These costs include all applicable taxes and duties including VAT and, if applicable, import tariffs. You will not be required to pay anything more in addition to the displayed costs unless you make a change to your order.

When we will provide the products. Our Ready to Wear and Made to Order products have different delivery and dispatch processes and timescales. These will be indicated on our website.

Ready to Wear products. We aim to deliver our Ready to Wear products to you the next business day after receiving your order but, depending on the time of day your order is placed, this may be held over to the following business day. If you have not received your Ready to Wear products within 5 days of your order please contact us and we will do our best to help you. You may cancel your order for any Ready to Wear product that has not already been picked and packed for dispatch after which it can no longer be cancelled and will have to returned to us via our returns procedure (see below).

Made to Order products

  • We aim to dispatch our Made to Order products to you within 3 weeks of your order. However, as all of our Made to Order products are bespoke, crafted especially for you, please allow us up to 5 weeks for them to be made and dispatched before contacting us. If your Made to Order products have not been dispatched within 5 weeks of your order date, you may cancel your order.
  • If you order more than one Made to Order product in the same transaction, please be aware that they may be dispatched at different times.
  • We use express courier services to deliver your Made to Order products. Usually, these services will deliver items 2-3 days after the date of dispatch. However, we cannot be responsible for delays resulting from our courier not being able to deliver your goods to you within this timeframe. If you have not received your Made to Order product within 5 days of dispatch, get in touch and we will do our best to find it.
  • In the unlikely event that we cannot dispatch your Made to Order product within 5 weeks, we will attempt to contact you with an updated dispatch date and give you the option to confirm the new date or cancel the order. If we don’t hear back from you within 7 days, your new dispatch date will automatically be confirmed and your shoes put back into production. In either case, if a new dispatch date is confirmed, please allow a further 2 weeks after the new dispatch date before getting in touch. If a new dispatch date is confirmed, you may only cancel your order 2 weeks after your newly confirmed dispatch date.
  • If you choose to cancel your order for a Made to Order product, provided that you have waited the required timeframes noted above, we will refund all amounts that you have paid to us for the cancelled goods and their delivery.  The cancellation of a Made to Order product will only apply to that Made to Order product and will not affect other products (Made to Order or Ready to Wear products) that you may have ordered within the same transaction. To cancel an order please email us at support

If you are not at home when the product is delivered. If no one is available at your address to take delivery and the products cannot be posted through your letterbox, our courier will attempt to leave you a note informing you of how to rearrange delivery. If you do not re-arrange delivery, we will contact you for further instructions and may charge you for storage costs and any further delivery costs. If, despite our reasonable efforts, we are unable to contact you or re-arrange delivery or collection we may end the contract and you may be responsible for costs incurred depending on the type of product ordered and the delivery terms relating to that product.

When you become responsible for the goods. A product will be your responsibility from the time we deliver the product to the address you gave us.

When you own goods. You own a product once we have received payment in full and it is delivered to you.

Reasons we may suspend the supply of products to you. We may have to suspend the supply of a product to deal with technical problems or make minor technical changes or update the product to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements.

How we accept your order. After you have placed an order, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your order. We may then check that there’s enough money on your card to complete the transaction.

Your order will only be accepted once payment has been approved and we have debited the payment card (and then the contract between us comes into place based on these terms).

On occasion we may need to refuse or cancel an order or close or freeze an account after an order has been confirmed. If you feel there’s been a mistake, please contact us and we’ll look into it. 

If we cannot accept your order. If we are unable to accept your order, we will inform you of this and if we have charged you for the order we will issue a refund in accordance with our refund process (see Refunds and Returns). This might be because of unexpected limits on our resources which we could not reasonably plan for, because we have identified an error in the price or description of the product or because we are unable to meet agreed deadline

We only sell to the UK. Our website is solely for the promotion of our products in the UK. Unfortunately, we do not accept orders from or deliver to addresses outside the UK at this time.

Basket limitations. As we’re pioneering the introduction of multiple width choices, we want to make sure that our customers are finding the right sizes before committing to larger purchases. Therefore, you may notice that there are limitations on how many products you can place in your basket especially on first time orders and for new customers. This limitation has been introduced to make sure that you receive your first pair of shoes and confirm that they are the correct fit before ordering more. We ask that you do not try to circumvent this limitation by ordering more products under different accounts or under different names and addresses as this may result in us not being able to accept returns on those items without charging you extra costs for delivery, return and administration.

We may lift these limitations over time at our discretion but please comply with them as if multiple purchases are made by you using different accounts or over a number of orders then we may refuse to confirm any of these orders and as mentioned above, may need to charge you extra costs in the event that you return these items.

Our different product types. Our products are sold as either ‘Ready to Wear’ or ‘Made to Order’ and this will be indicated on the relevant page for each individual item [and at checkout]. Different prices and delivery options apply depending on whether a product is Ready to Wear or Made to Order. Please note that, if an item is labelled as Ready to Wear but is out of stock in the size that you wish to buy, that item is purchasable as a Made to Order item and is considered as a Made to Order item in accordance with these terms.

Products may vary slightly. Whilst we have made every effort to reproduce images of our products as accurately as possible, your product and packaging may vary slightly from those images. In some cases, this may be down to the natural variations in the materials we use or it could be due to a device's display not accurately reflecting the colour of the products.

As most of our products are handmade by experienced craftsmen, there may also be slight variations between the same pair of shoes. Although we have made every effort to be as accurate as possible, it is a natural consequence of craftsmanship that certain details may have very slight variations from article to article. In some cases, there will be slight discrepancies caused by the fact that the types of materials that we work with (e.g. leather) have their own personal characteristics with inherent slight variations. Of course, if there is a glaringly obvious difference, please get in touch with us straight away.

Using our measurement guides and charts. We’re proud to be able to offer our customers more sizing options than any other fashion brand. We know that sizing can be confusing and that’s why we’ve spent a great deal of time and research standardising our shoe range so that there is consistency across our range. To help you find the right size, we have produced guides and charts on our website to help you to measure your feet and determine your size and width. However, these tools are only intended to be a guide and do not guarantee a perfect fit. Although we have a very high confidence in the accuracy of our guides and charts, ultimately, whether you find a perfect fit will also depend on variables that are outside of our control and knowledge (for example, how tight or loose you prefer to wear your shoes).

Making sure your measurements are accurate. Because we supply the product to measurements you have given us you are responsible for ensuring that these measurements are correct. Please note, we may require measurements from you before confirming any order for a Made to Order product but this does not guarantee that the product will fit you perfectly.

Returning unwanted Ready to Wear products. We want to get you into the right pair of our shoes because we’re convinced once you’re in, you’ll love them, so we’re committed to offering you peace of mind when you shop with us. If you change your mind about a Ready to Wear product we’ll be happy to accept it back for a full refund, subject to the rules below, please read them carefully before ordering.

  • Items must be returned in original saleable condition. The item you wish to return must be in original condition and be returned to us in original packaging, protective tissue paper and dust bags. You can try the products on but please do so only on carpet and make sure you protect the soles. We cannot accept products where the soles have been scratched, scuffed or dirty or there is any visible wear on the uppers.

    All items are inspected on return and whilst trying them on is fine, please do not actually wear or use them.

    If an item is returned to us worn, used, damaged or in an unsaleable condition, or where the above instructions have not been followed, we won’t be able to give you a refund and we may have to send it back to you and ask you to cover the delivery costs. Alternatively, if we decide, we may choose to reduce your refund to reflect any damage or wear to the products.

    None of this affects your statutory rights.
  • How to return your items. Provided your Ready to Wear product meets the above requirements, you can request a refund from us by emailing us at with your transaction number, the product you wish to return and the reason for return. After your request has been approved, you must return the item within 28 days of the item being delivered to you or 14 days after the date of approval (whichever is the later date). We will aim to refund you within 14 days of receiving the returned item.

    We will provide you with a returns method and returns address. If you try to make a return without first being granted approval, you send us the wrong item or you try to make a return outside of the returns period above, we may have to send it back to you and ask you to cover the delivery costs. If you return an item any other address other than that specified to you then you will be liable for the cost of finding the item and returning it to the correct address.

    None of this affects your statutory rights.
  • Fair use We provide a flexible returns policy because we know our customers want to have the peace of mind when shopping with us. However, if we notice unusual returns activity such as (i) ordering and returning a lot of items (ii) regularly ordering and returning items (iii) returning items that do not correspond with your order or authorised return number (iv) we have refused a number of returns by you (including for example because you have not first obtained a returns authorisation) or (v) we discover that you have contravened our terms and conditions, then we may remove your account and refuse to accept or fulfil any future orders.

    In the very unlikely event that any of the above happens to you and you disagree with the action taken, please do email us at

    This does not affect your statutory rights.

Returning unwanted Made to Order Products.  As each Made to Order product has been specifically made for you, we are unable to accept any returns of these items unless they arrive to you damaged or faulty.

Returning any product that is defective, damaged or faulty. Regardless of whether the product is Ready to Wear or Made to Order, you have rights under the law and remedies if a product is defective and we will honour any return of defective footwear, subject to the below, if you tell us within 6 months of purchase. Please initiate the return by emailing us at

If you tell us about any issues with your items, we may ask you for evidence that the defect or damage existed at the time it was delivered to you or developed through the course of normal wear. Please note that our products are not designed for technical or sporting activities and damage or faults that occur whilst undertaking these activities will not be covered by our defect policy. Additionally, damage that is considered normal wear and tear is not covered.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

Statutory Rights. Nothing in these terms and conditions alters your statutory rights. For detailed information please visit the Citizens Advice website or call 03454 04 05 06.

Refund Process. If you are entitled to a refund in accordance with these terms, we will process a refund within 14 days of us confirming the refund has been approved.

If you have received an Each x Every Gift Voucher or Gift Card, you can find more information on how these can be used on our Help pages. In relation to using these, please remember Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards can’t be used to buy additional Gift Vouchers or on any third-party site.

If you are buying someone else a Gift Voucher, please make sure you get their details correct. If you don’t and someone else receives the Gift Voucher and uses it, we may not be able to do anything about it.

We know that spam filters, whilst useful, can sometimes send our emails into junk or spam folders. If have sent someone a Gift Voucher, we recommend checking they have received this so they don’t miss out.

Expiry dates on Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers will be stated on them.

We reserve the right to cancel any Gift Vouchers in our sole discretion where we suspect any fraud or misuse.

From time to time, we may give you Promo Codes that you can use to reduce the price of certain products. Please remember to enter the code at checkout to make sure you get your discount.

Additional details on Promo Codes and any rules on how to use them that apply can be found on our Customer Services page. Please note the following in relation to these:

  • each Promo Code has its own terms, which will be made clear at the time it’s issued to you (e.g. what products, single/multiple use, when it can be used etc).
  • if you’re given a unique Promo Code that is meant just for you please keep it secret and don’t let anyone else use it. If we think there is or has been misuse of a Promo Code in any way (e.g. selling it or sharing it with others), we can cancel your Promo Code and/or suspend or even close your account without telling you. 
  • if a Promo Code can’t run properly because someone or something has gone wrong such as fraud, tampering, technical errors or anything else that is beyond our control and this affects the running or fairness of the Promo Code – we can cancel, modify or suspend the Promo Code. 

How it works. Once you sign up and purchase a TreadBare Membership we will send to you all of the information and codes required to use your benefits. This may take 24-48 hours but usually it's quicker.

Cancellation. You have 30 days from the date of purchase in order to cancel your TreadBare Membership and subject to the deductions below, you will receive a refund of your membership fees. If you have used any of your discounts that you have used to purchase any products, the discounted amount will be deducted from the shoes purchased (unless these shoes were returned unworn or in accordance with the Money Back Guarantee).

Benefits must be used within each annual period. All benefits must be used within the year period and do not roll over or aggregate across membership periods. 

Money Back Guarantee. If you have purchased a product within the first 30 days of buying your TreadBare Membership and you wish to return it using the Money Back Guarantee benefit (see above for eligibility) then you will receive a full refund of your membership fee and the amount you paid for the product upon the return of your shoes.

Benefits not transferable nor redeemable for cash. None of the TreadBare benefits (including discounts, money off, store credits) are redeemable for cash nor transferable. Any store credit issued during a membership period will expire at the end of that annual period.

Financial benefits not to be used in conjunction. All discounts, percentage off, credits that are provided under these memberships must be used in separate transactions and may not be used in conjunction with each other. 

Payment Authorisation. By purchasing a TreadBare Membership you authorise us to take payments as specified in the amount and frequency as advertised. If we are unable to process your payment details we reserve the right to cancel your membership.

Limited Offer. We place a limit on the number of TreadBare Memberships that are available at any time which means at times new memberships may not be available.

Termination. In the event that the TreadBare Membership program is terminated, we will honour any of your benefits that are unclaimed by the end of your current membership period. 

Change and withdrawal of selected benefits. We reserve the right to change and withdraw the non-financial benefits of the memberships including without limitation the occurrence and availability of tickets to events, workshops and similar benefits. We also reserve the right to change and withdraw financial benefits and discounts provided by third parties (eg. discounts from other brands) if they are offered from time to time. 

How it works. Once you sign up to a TreadBare Membership you will automatically be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee. That means that you return your shoes back to us even if they've been worn if they aren't comfortable in the first 30 days from your purchase. The guarantee works as follows:

(a) the Money Back Guarantee applies to your first purchase and not any other subsequent purchases. This includes purchases that are made in subsequent years (it's a once-off benefit only);

(b) you can use the Money Back Guarantee against any shoe provided it is your first purchase from us;

(c) you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the shoes to us if you would like to claim the Money Back Guarantee; and

(d) you may not use the Money Back Guarantee to exchange for a different size. If you notice the size isn't right when it arrives, send it back to us for free before you wear them and we'll send you out the right size.

How to claim. Simply write to us at and let us know that you'd like to return your shoes or you can use your customer dashboard.

Statutory Rights. This Money Back Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

These terms and conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. Entry/claim instructions are deemed to form part of the terms and conditions and by participating all claimants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the terms and conditions.

Eligibility. Unless otherwise stated, each prize promotion is open to UK residents (England, Scotland, Wales) aged 18 years or over, excluding our employees and their immediate families.

Promotional Period. Please see each individual promotion for its prize pool.

Entry Instructions. Please see the individual prize promotion for entry details.

Number of entries. Only one entry per person per prize promotion unless otherwise stated in the individual promotion. All additional entries will be disqualified.

Invalid Entries. Any entries that we consider (in our absolute discretion) to be dangerous, vulgar, offensive, indecent, illegal racist, copied, offensive, cruel or fraudulent, or infringe on the rights or copyright of others will be immediately disqualified. Incomplete, illegible, misdirected or late entries will not be accepted. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of delivery or receipt. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are incomplete, lost due to technical reasons, corrupted, delayed, wrongly delivered, or not received for whatsoever reason.

Multiple Entries. No third party or bulk entries. If it becomes apparent that either a participant or household is using any means to circumvent this condition such as, and without limitation, multiple email accounts, multiple reproduced or computer-generated entries, using multiple identities, fraudulently falsifying data, acting fraudulently or dishonestly in the opinion of the promoter or otherwise acting in violation of these terms, these participants will be disqualified, and any prize entitlement will be void.

Prizes / Prize Fund. Please see each individual promotion for its prize pool.

Winner Selection and Notification. We will select the prize winner(s) who will be notified by email or via message on a relevant social media platform where the competition was run or advertised. If a winner does not claim their prize within this timeframe the promoter reserves the right to withdraw prize entitlement and will award the prize to a reserve drawn at the same time as the original.

Correct Details. It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide correct, up-to-date details when entering the prize promotion and acceptance of the prize. We cannot be held responsible for winners failing to supply accurate information which affects prize acceptance or delivery of their prize.

General Terms.

  • Our decision is final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into. Entry implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Prizes must be accepted as offered by the named winner. There is no cash or alternative prizes, in whole or part. The prizes are not transferable and cannot be resold.
  • We reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value should circumstances outside its control make this necessary.
  • We reserve the right to verify winners and ask for proof of identity, age and address and to withdraw prize entitlement where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these terms and conditions.
  • You agree that if you are a winner, you will take part in and co-operate fully with reasonable publicity and to the use of your name, photograph and any comments in such publicity without any fee being payable.
  • By entering a promotion or competition, each entrant grants us a world-wide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty free and sub-licensable right and licence to use reproduce, modify, adapt, publish or display (in whole or in part) any intellectual property contained in the content of their entry, without royalty, payment or other compensation. Each Entrant agrees not to assert any moral rights in relation to such use and warrants that they have full authority to grant such rights.
  • We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to eliminate or disqualify any entries or entrants that it regards as being in breach of these terms and conditions or the spirit of the promotion or competition. Those who try to circumvent the entry process and/or entry instructions by any method, will be disqualified and any prize award will be void.
  • Entry into a promotion or competition is at the entrant’s sole risk. To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury, costs, expenses or claims (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) suffered by entrants or any third parties arising out of or in connection with a promotion or competition and/or accepting a prize. We further disclaim liability for any injury or damage to entrants or any other person relating to or resulting from participation with a promotion or competition save that nothing in these terms and conditions shall act to limit or exclude our liability resulting from its negligence or fraud.
  • We do not accept responsibility for system errors or other issues that may result in disruption to, lost, delayed or not received entries, winner notifications or prizes. We will not be responsible for the non-inclusion of entries as a result of technical failures or otherwise, including any such failure which is within our control.
  • We reserve the right to cancel, amend, withdraw, terminate or temporarily suspend this promotion in the event of any unforeseen circumstances or technical reason outside its reasonable control, with no liability to any entrants or third parties but will use all reasonable endeavours to avoid consumer disappointment.
  • Our decisions are final and binding in all matters relating to any promotion or competition that we run and no correspondence will be entered into.

Correct Information. When placing your order please ensure that you have provided us with all your correct information. If you have provided us with incorrect information and your order is delivered to the address you’ve specified it is your responsibility to retrieve your order. If you notice any information you have provided to us is incorrect and the item is not yet delivered, we may be able to change the delivery information depending on where the order is in the shipping process but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible and there may be additional costs incurred.

Accepting deliveries. We may end the contract for a product at any time by writing to you if you do not, within a reasonable time, allow us to deliver the products to you.

Our right to cancel the contract. We may cancel the contract with you if you break the contract with us including:

  • You refuse or do not allow us to deliver a product to you if the type of product is stated as not being cancellable or returnable;
  • You contravene the basket limitations; or
  • You violate any of the terms and conditions.

Our rights when the contract is cancelled. In the rare instances where this happens, depending on the type of product and the delivery terms that apply to that product, we will refund any money you have paid in advance for products we have not provided but we may deduct or charge you reasonable compensation for the net costs we will incur as a result of your breaking the contract.

Where to find the price for the product. The price of the product (which includes taxes, including VAT, and duties) will be the price indicated on the order pages when you placed your order. We take all reasonable care to ensure that the price of the product advised to you is correct.

What happens if we got the price wrong. It is always possible that, despite our best efforts, some of the products we sell may be incorrectly priced. We will normally check prices before accepting your order so that, where the product's correct price at your order date is less than our stated price at your order date, we will charge the lower amount. If the product's correct price at your order date is higher than the price stated to you, we will contact you for your instructions before we accept your order. If we accept and process your order where a pricing error is obvious and unmistakeable and could reasonably have been recognised by you as a mispricing, we may end the contract, refund you any sums you have paid and require the return of any goods provided to you.

When you must pay and how you must pay. We accept payment with most major credit cards, PayPal, Apply Pay and Google Pay. For details of the methods of payment we accept, please see the details on the product page at the time of order. You must pay for the products before we dispatch them.

Buying out of stock Ready to Wear products as Made to Order. If you choose to buy an out of stock Ready to Wear item as a Made to Order item, it is possible that such item may come back in stock before your order arrives. We cannot cancel your order or refund you if this happens as your order will have already been accepted by our craftsman and work begun. We do our best to keep our customers and websites updated but there may be instances where this might happen. We advise you to check with us in advance of ordering any out of stock Ready to Wear items and we may be able to give an indication on whether or not that Ready to Wear item will be restocked. However, if we do give this guidance, we cannot remain responsible as to the accuracy of such indication as there are often variables that we cannot predict which affect delivery dates and therefore when the requested items do eventually come back into stock.

How we may use your personal information. Our Privacy Policy sets out how we’ll use your information. If your details change, remember that you need to update your account so we can continue giving you our best service. You can also update your marketing and subscription preferences there.

Product Reviews. If you submit a product review or rating to us, you agree to comply with the Feefo terms of use which can be viewed when submitting a rating via the Feefo platform. For more information on these terms of use please see

Social content and channels. If we feature your content on our social media channels and you agree by using our hashtag, you agree:

  • we can use your social media handle and the content on our website and/or on any of our social media platforms;
  • we can use, edit, crop, adapt, enhance or modify the content.

You promise that you:

  • have the permission of everyone included in or featured in the content;
  • have the right to grant us the above rights; and
  • are at least 16 years old.

If you or anyone included or featured in the content asks us to remove the content, we will remove the content from the social media accounts that we control.

You understand that other users of these social media platforms can also share and make use of the content once posted. In particular, a user of these platforms can take a screenshot of and save an image of the content to their device, share the content on social media platforms or websites which feature the content (and sharing capabilities). If you do not want to grant the permissions set out above then please do not post any content on our social media channels or use any of our hashtags.

You must not misuse or tamper with our websites, apps or other services or otherwise interfere with our tech or functionality or steal our or our customers’ data. We will report any such breach or activity (and all information about the people carrying it out) to the relevant authorities including law enforcement.

We recommend you use virus protection software when browsing the internet including our website. Although we work hard to ensure a safe experience with our website, we can’t guarantee that it will always be secure from bugs, viruses or trouble-makers.

You are not allowed to use automated systems or software to extract data from our website.

By using this website and decide to breach these terms and conditions you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Each x Every, its directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, and affiliates, from any and all third-party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, legal fees) arising from your use (or misuse) of this website or your breach of these Terms and Conditions.

In addition to the terms and conditions outlined in Promotions and Competitions (General) above, below are additional terms that relate to specific promotions and competitions.

MCGA0721. The competition will be run by Marie Claire in accordance with their Rules of Play as described in their website. To enter, applicants must follow the instructions on the Marie Claire website. Winners prizes are to be a Ready to Wear item only from in stock items only and must be claimed in one single transaction (unused credit will not be carried forward). If the selected style is not available in the required size, the winner will be asked to choose from an alternative style. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. This competition is governed by our general terms and conditions which you can find here.

IGIM0721. This competition is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram. The competition will be running from date of posting until 31 July 2021 (GMT time). This competition is run by us for UK participants only, aged over 18+. The winners will be picked by us. To enter, applicants must like the specified post post, tag a friend in the comments and be following @eachxevery on Instagram. Entrants can share the post onto the IG story to count as an extra entry. All of the winners will be contacted through DM from @eachxevery and have 24 hours to respond to the DM else they forfeit their prize. Winners prizes are to be a Ready to Wear item only. If the selected style is not available in the required size, the winner will be asked to choose from an alternative style. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. This competition is governed by our general terms and conditions which you can find here. 

WOTC-LFWX7. The competition is run by Each x Every in accordance with our terms and conditions as described in our website. To enter, applicants must follow the instructions set out on the entry page. The winner will be entitled to one pair of any Ready to Wear item only that is in stock item at the time the prize is redeemed and must be claimed in one single transaction (unused credit will not be carried forward). If the selected style is not available in the required size, the winner will be asked to choose from an alternative style. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. This competition is governed by our general terms and conditions which you can find here.

We own or license all intellectual property rights in our website, and in the material published on it. Those works are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. All such rights are reserved.

You’re allowed to store, print and display our website content only for your own personal use. You are not allowed to use any part of the website for commercial purposes unless you have our express permission.

You must not modify the paper or digital copies of any materials you have printed off or downloaded in any way, and you must not use any illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences or any graphics separately from any accompanying text.

You’re also not permitted to use the Each x Every logo or any Each x Every brand or trade mark (or any marks which are colourably similar) without our express permission.

We are responsible to you for foreseeable loss and damage caused by us. If we fail to comply with these terms, we are responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breaking this contract or our failing to use reasonable care and skill, but we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the contract was made, both we and you knew it might happen, for example, if you discussed it with us during the sales process.

We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; for breach of your legal rights in relation to the products including the right to receive products which are: as described and match information we provided to you; of satisfactory quality; fit for any particular purpose made known to us and for defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

We are not liable for business losses. We only supply the products for domestic and private use. If you use the products for any commercial, business or re-sale purpose we will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.

We may transfer this agreement to someone else. We may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms to another organisation. We will always tell you in writing if this happens and we will ensure that the transfer will not affect your rights under the contract.

You need our consent to transfer your rights to someone else. You may only transfer your rights or your obligations under these terms to another person if we agree to this in writing. We may not agree if we consider it reasonable to protect our business interests.

Nobody else has any rights under this. This contract is between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms.

If a court finds part of this contract illegal, the rest will continue in force. Each of the paragraphs of these terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

Even if we delay in enforcing this contract, we can still enforce it later. If we do not insist immediately that you do anything you are required to do under these terms, or if we delay in taking steps against you in respect of your breaking this contract, that will not mean that you do not have to do those things and it will not prevent us taking steps against you at a later date. For example, if you miss a payment and we do not chase you but we continue to provide the products, we can still require you to make the payment at a later date.

Which laws apply to this contract and where you may bring legal proceedings. These terms are governed by English law and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in the English courts. If you live in Scotland you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in either the Scottish or the English courts. If you live in Northern Ireland you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in either the Northern Irish or the English courts.