Measuring your feet

It’s something you may remember from your school days but measuring your feet is something most people have never done as an adult.

A recent study actually found that 63-72% of participants were wearing shoes that didn’t fit properly, so even if you’ve been wearing the same size shoes for years, it’s worth doing at least once to make sure.

Let our footwear developer Paul and in-house podiatrist Amanda, walk you through the dos and donts of how to measure your feet so you can work out your size with confidence.

1. Preparation

To accurately measure your foot you will need a tape measure, ideally a wall and something to record your measurements (unless you can rely on a solid memory). You can do it on your own but for best results ask a friend to help.

Try to measure your feet between 11am and 2pm as this will give you the most accurate measurement (your foot should be active but hopefully not too swollen). If you have trouble finding shoes because your feet tend to swell a lot toward the end of the day, consider taking your measurements at the end of the day.

1. How to Measure Your Foot Length to Find Your Size

a. Place the end of a measuring tape perpendicular to the wall and roll it away from the wall.

b. While standing, place one bare foot on to the tape so that the back of your heel is firmly against the wall and your longest toe is on top of the tape.


Try and stand shoulder width apart with your full weight balanced across both feet.

c. Take the measurement (in mm) where your longest toe finishes on the tape and repeat with your other foot


Make sure the tape has not moved away from the wall and the tape is straight.

2. How to Measure Your Foot Circumference to Find Your Width

a. Lay a measuring tape on the floor and position it so that it runs under the two bones shown in the image below


Make sure there is enough tape on either side so you can wrap it around your foot. The tape will not be straight as the two bones are not straight across the foot

b. Wrap the tape around your foot so that it covers the two bones ensuring a tight pull but do not pinch the skin


Try to take the measurement standing up with your weight evenly distributed across your feet (hint: you can bend your knees). If you can’t manage to make it down that far, resting your bottom against a wall might help.

c. Take your measurement (in mm) where the tape crosses over and repeat with the other foot