We’re on a mission to actively curb overconsumption and stamp out waste in the footwear industry. We want to help Each x Every woman find styles they can wear more, and support their quest to buy less and waste less.


  • ALL WORN OUT / WEAR MORE We’re slamming the brakes on fast fashion to ensure Each x Every pair of shoes lives a full life before it’s cast aside. That way we get the most out of every pair we create, you get the best value per wear, and we all can feel good about taking a step in the right direction for Mother Earth.

  • ANYTHING GOES / BUY LESS We build our collections around versatility of colours, prints and styles to bring you a wearable, go-with-everything footwear wardrobe. Dress it up, dress it down, and effortlessly mix your favourites from our collection, with whatever you choose from yours.

  • TRASH TALK / WASTE LESS Small-batch manufacturing and holding just a few pairs of each style in stock helps us to keep a lid on over-consumption, and ultimately prevents our footwear from wandering into landfill.

  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS MATTER All our leathers are a byproduct of the meat industry and are chrome-free. They’re also vegetable-tanned in the main (except in the few cases as indicated in the product details).

  • ETHICAL WORKING CONDITIONS, ALWAYS We work solely with reputable craftsmen from family-run businesses in Portugal and Italy, who not only meet but exceed minimum working conditions. We ensure that all of our workers are paid fairly, and are provided with a positive workspace that is supportive, healthy and safe.

  • STEP BY STEP Sustainability is stitched into the very fabric of our philosophy, meaning we’ll keep taking steps Each x Every day to ensure shoes are loved and worn to the max, to minimise our environmental footprint on the planet.