Our Philosophy

We believe that women shouldn’t have to choose between wearing stylish shoes and all-day comfort; between the pair of shoes you want to wear and the ones you can actually walk in. So we founded Each x Every; to infuse comfort into modern footwear in a way that works for each and every woman.

Before Each x Every, we were designing and making comfortable footwear but longed to create something a little more... innovative. We wanted to (literally) get into the shoes of modern women, from long days in the office to finding balance (or trying to) at home, in order to understand where their footwear was letting them down. So, armed with a laser focus for making stylish more comfortable, we took everything we knew and applied it to create beautiful designs that don’t hurt your feet. We know that no two feet are the same, which is why all our designs are available in every size and width option so you can truly find the perfect fit. We could have stopped there, but we didn’t. We believe comfort isn’t just about how your shoes fit but how you feel in them. So, for 2023 we’ve developed core creations that can be customised with your choice of straps and jewellery accessories so you can create a shoe that blends into your personal style. Speaking of style, we believe in style over trends. We create shoes that you’ll want to wear again and again, not just because they’re so comfortable (which they are), but because they feel like you. That’s why we only use premium materials, so you can buy less and invest in everyday footwear that’s designed to last for seasons to come. So that’s Each x Every: style and comfort co-existing without compromise, now and always.

Our Story

Comfort 2.0

“Comfort - the new normal”

We believe that when it comes to your shoes, comfort is a necessity, not a luxury. Our goal is for each and every woman to reach for the pair of shoes they want to wear without having to think twice about comfort.

“You can’t see the hours of work we’ve put into creating comfort but you can feel them”

We care about creating comfortable shoes because we know just how empowering comfort can be. We work hard to make sure our shoes don’t look like any ‘comfortable’ shoe you’ve ever seen before, supporting your stride by perfectly blending beauty and comfort into every single design.

Each x Every Woman

*“We design shoes that are made for real life. With all its beauty, chaos and running around”

We believe that great style should be inclusive to every woman and her unique life. Whether you need to put your best foot forward or want to feel free to roam your neighbourhood all day long, our shoes are made with Each and Every woman in mind.

“We know that the perfect fit starts with finding the right size”

We also know that no two feet are the same, so we set about creating designs in the most diverse range of size and width options than ever before. It’s time to say goodbye to ‘those won’t work for me’ thoughts and embrace the styles you love instead.

The Art of Craftsmanship

“Conscious fashion starts with investing in pieces you love, that love you back”

We believe that slow fashion is the future. Clean out the mountains of shoes in the back of your closet - those one-time wears – and replace them with a few treasured pairs that you know will fit perfectly, feel great on all day and that you can’t take your eyes off.

“Hand-made for a true craftsmanlike finish”

We’re committed to using only the highest standard of eco-friendly Italian leathers, hand-finished by our artisan shoemakers for the utmost in luxurious comfort. Designed to stand the test of time, our soft leather linings mould to your foot for a long happy marriage.

When Worlds Collide

“When it comes to making shoes that work for everyday life, the devil really is in the details”

All our shoes are grounded in refined silhouettes and discreetly blended with our signature, innovative design technology to infuse comfort into every step.

“Blending style and comfort is in our DNA”

Our secret recipe is all about choosing the perfect combination of design details to create that cushioned, cloud-like feel without ever compromising on a luxuriously sleek design. We know the extra effort makes all the difference.

No Compromises

“We believe that your personal style is worth investing in”

Feeling comfortable starts with freedom. From sizing options and materials, to colours and trims, we know that what ‘looks good’ is personal to you and the choice should always be yours.

“Embrace your inner minimalist or maximalist. We love it all.”

Edit our core collection to create something unique to you, whether it’s adding a strap, buckle or belt, or simply creating a personalised finish. Our customisable options exist to help you feel your most comfortable, inside and out.