When sandal season comes around, don’t give into blisters, sliding feet and sore toes. Finding comfortable sandals for women is all about knowing what design features will keep you comfortable all day (and which ones are just for show). So, if you’re after fashionable, comfortable sandals that don’t compromise one way or the other, keep these points front and centre.


  1. Find straps that move with you.
  2. Choose a supportive footbed.
  3. Invest in premium leathers.

Flexible straps are key

Let’s face it - finding comfortable sandals for women can be tricky, particularly if you’re prone to blisters. No matter how comfortable your sandals might feel at first, if the straps aren’t flexible, you might find blisters appearing after a day on your feet. To avoid painful rubbing and plasters, make sure your sandal straps are adjustable.

Not only will more loop settings help you find a perfect fit but ensuring that the straps themselves are flexible and will give a little when you walk is key to all-day comfort. Elasticated straps tackle this problem well but aren’t always the most stylish choice. That’s why we designed our fashionable, comfortable sandals with discreet, leather-covered elastic ends to give the perfect amount of flexibility

Footbed support makes all the difference

A supportive, cushioned footbed is the foundation of all comfortable sandals for women. Not only will a supportive footbed protect your arch but it’ll help to reduce foot fatigue after a long day on your feet. Avoid completely flat or flimsy footbeds that don’t provide any shock absorption when you walk and instead pick a moulded or cushioned footbed that will help to protect your feet in the long run.

Not sure where to begin? Fashionable, comfortable sandals can come in a huge range of different styles. Embrace the chunky sandal trend and pair a sporty, strappy style with floaty dresses or pick a slim, cushioned style to dress down soft summer tailoring.

Lean into leather

When you’ve got a lot of straps and moving pieces to contend with, the quality of the materials used can make a huge difference to both your comfort and the overall look of the sandal. The most comfortable sandals will be made with soft, premium leathers (think calfskin, lambskin and suede) which mould to your feet for a luxurious feel.

As tempting as it might be to buy synthetics, investing in fashionable, comfortable sandals made from real leather will create an aesthetic that looks a lot more expensive and will last more than just a season. Whether you choose a simple brown or black leather or explore textured and patterned styles, the more premium the leather, the more likely you are to have found the perfect fashionable, comfortable sandals.