How to Buy Comfortable Flats

Contrary to what you might think, finding comfortable flat shoes is harder than it first appears. From aching arches to sore heels, it’s worth taking the time to know what you should be looking out for in a pair of comfortable flats (before you spend a day in them). Keep these rules for finding comfortable flat shoes in mind when looking for your next pair and say goodbye to tired, sore feet for good.


  1. Make sure your arch is supported by choosing a flat with a stacked heel.
  2. Invest in premium leathers for comfortable flats that will last.
  3. Find your perfect toe box shape to keep your toes comfortable all day long.

Find flat shoes with arch support

If you’ve ever experienced a shooting or aching pain in your arches after wearing flats, it could be a sign that your arch hasn’t been properly supported. Make sure you choose comfortable flat shoes with arch support by ensuring your choice has a small, stacked heel. While it might seem counterintuitive, a small heel (10-20mm) provides a more natural position for your foot, lifting and protecting your arch for longer-lasting comfort.

Invest in good-quality leather

When looking for comfortable flat shoes, make buying premium leather styles a priority. Not only will the leather soften and mould to your foot over time (creating that elusive glove-like fit), but should reduce the risk of rubbing versus other materials.

You can also tailor your choice of leather to your foot type; for example, if you have a slightly wider foot, choosing a premium suede will garner the most comfortable flat shoes, while those with a narrower foot might prefer a full-grain leather to provide a more structured fit. The most comfortable flats will also be fully leather lined for a super-soft, breathable finish.

Choose your toe box carefully

Pinching around the toe box is a common complaint but if you choose your toe box carefully, you can avoid any discomfort altogether. Consider switching out a pointed toe for a rounded one to give your toes a little more space to move as you’re walking. Or, for a smarter look, choose an almond toe which gives the polished finish of a pointed style with the comfort of a rounded one. Ultimately, the most comfortable flat shoes will be the ones that don’t rub or pinch as you’re walking, so take care to avoid styles with too many trims or seams across the toe box that could irritate your toes.