The Comfortable Boots Guide

When the seasons change, making sure you have a collection of sturdy, comfortable boots to see you through the colder months is a must. No matter whether you’re looking to buy chunky hiking boots or slender ankle boots, there are a few key points to keep in mind when looking for the most comfortable boots for women. From materials to construction, here are the comfortable boots markers to look out for.


  1. Adjustable closures equal more comfortable boots (think laces over pull-on styles).
  2. Ensure heel-to-toe comfort by measuring your feet to see whether you might need a half size or different width fit.
  3. The most comfortable boots for women will be made from premium leathers.

Increase comfort with flexible closures

Having flexibility over how tightly you can cinch your boots can make a huge difference to your comfort levels. Choosing a boot with laces will give a greater level of flexibility over how much room there is for your foot to move around in. This is particularly helpful if you have a narrow or wide foot, or feet with a high instep or prone to swelling, as you can adjust the fit to suit you throughout the day.

Any styles that give you the option to tighten or loosen them will likely make the most comfortable boots for women, and, unless you find a perfect fit, slip-on styles without any adjustability are, generally speaking, likely to be the least comfortable boots.

Find wide fit-friendly brands

There’s nothing more irritating than walking in a pair of boots that just don’t fit right. From tightness in the toe box to ankle slip and rolling at the sides, the most comfortable boots for women will avoid all these classic sizing pitfalls. To guarantee the best fit possible, it’s important to measure your foot and understand whether it’s narrow, wide, in - between or requires a half size.

Sometimes your feet can vary by a half size, which is why you might find that one foot is less comfortable than the other. At Each x Every, we provide a wide range of length and width options to help you find comfortable boots with a perfect fit each and every time. Take a look at our Fitting Guide to make sure you get your perfect size every time

Let's talk leathers

Investing in comfortable boots means taking a look at the materials your boots are made from. Premium leathers, such as full-grain leathers, soften and mould to your foot over time, creating a glove-like fit as you wear them. The type of leather you choose can also make a big difference to your comfort over time so it’s important to choose carefully. Structured leathers, such as patent or patterned leather, are stiffer initially but retain their shape over time which is helpful for those with narrow feet who need a structured style.

Suedes and lambskins, on the other hand, soften very quickly with wear and make comfortable boots for women with wider feet, bunions or high insteps as the leathers are softer and less likely to cause rubbing or tightness in the toe box. Regardless of which leather you go for, try to buy the best quality leather possible to be sure you’re investing in long-lasting, comfortable