Design x Tech

Each x Every’s mission to balance style and comfort requires the perfect integration of design, technology and podiatry knowledge.

It might seem easy to blend fashion with comfort but it’s possibly the last unsolved piece in the fashion footwear puzzle. We’ve gotten used to the lack of inclusivity in premium fashion footwear, leaving many people to buy expensive shoes that just don’t fit them properly because they weren’t made for them in the first place. This lack of inclusivity is exactly what Each x Every is asking their customers not to compromise on any longer, and so begins the task of creating an elevated shoe collection that refuses to compromise on comfort.

Paul, Product Development

"Traditionally, fashion footwear brands just haven’t been willing (or able) to commit to solving this problem because it’s both complex and expensive. That’s where Each x Every has been able to turn everything on its head because they’ve been willing to invest in both creative and technological innovation to ensure that the shoes are as perfect as they can be."

Designing for Every Woman

Every creative process is slightly different, but our overarching vision is to design shoes that suit all women, wherever they happen to be in their lives. We imagine women wearing our styles in every aspect of their lives – at work, on holidays, with their kids, out dancing – and infuse that sense of ‘how we'd like to live’ into each creation.

“Sketching is part of the creative process but my design approach is just to go for whichever way feels right. To create shoes women want to wear all day, every day, choosing the perfect combination of design details is key to produce that cushioned, cloud-like feel without ever compromising on a luxuriously sleek design.”

Joana, Product Design

Clean, Modern Silhouettes

We create fashion for discerning women who want to invest in timeless style over trends.

Our first collection is luxuriously utilitarian. It explores the timeless simplicity of classic designs while approaching comfort with equal consideration. The result is modern silhouettes finished with meticulous attention to detail.

Clean neutral colourways, chic yet practical heel heights and architectural toe shapes mirror the strong female energy in our customers who have demanding lifestyles. We emphasise pieces that will transcend seasons and adapt to settings to make the transition from school drop offs to evening plans a comfortable yet refined experience.

“It's a very contemporary way of dressing that I truly believe in: choose well, make it last.”

Joana, Product Design

Pouring in the Comfort Foundations

Building a comfortable shoe starts with the footbed - a shoe’s foundation.

It’s no surprise that most people would choose trainers as their most comfortable shoes, largely due to the softness of the footbeds. So, our mission became recreating the soft trainer-like feel as best as we could across our entire range of shoes.

The biggest challenge to overcome was in creating a supportive, comfortable footbed that wouldn’t transform our elegant designs into bulky silhouettes. Unlike trainers, which have large outsoles hiding soft chunky footbeds, other styles are usually unable to accommodate the size and depth of the footbeds without severely impacting the overall look of the shoe.

Hand in hand with our podiatry knowledge, we developed a radically new compound based on PurefitTM technology that’s able to provide twice the level of comfort at half the thickness of traditional foam. Not only does it add a whole new level of discreet comfort into the shoes, it’s also incredibly resilient which means that unlike traditional shoes, it won’t collapse after a few uses.

Premium Materials and Craftsmanship to Stand the Test of Time

Community and craftsmanship are at the centre of our practices and values. All our shoes are hand-crafted in Portugal from the highest quality materials and are made to last beyond the typical fashion lifecycle. Our leathers are carefully sourced from Italy where they undergo a vegetable, metal-free and chrome-free tanning process before being hand-finished by artisan shoemakers. A large proportion of the range is crafted using a specialist ‘sachetto construction’, which is a traditional, Italian technique that provides incredible cushioning, flexibility and a lightweight feel.

The commitment to using high quality materials is not simply about aesthetics, it’s often about comfort and wearability too. Each x Every is one of the few brands that offers full-leather lining which encourage the breathability and flexibility that your foot needs throughout the day to remain comfortable.


Intelligently Hidden Features

From designer shoes to high-street brands, there’s a whole world of little things about your shoes that can make them incredibly uncomfortable to wear for any substantial period of time.

To deliver on our mission to create maximum wearability from the entirety of our range we’ve developed innovative features which are designed to go unnoticed. For example, Each x Every straps have subtle leather-covered elastic to provide extra give where regular straps might cut into your feet. A small detail like this can make all the difference, particularly if you have a high instep where your foot pushes up against the top of your shoe. We engineered this detail into the straps rather than as an afterthought, so while you wouldn’t necessarily ever know that it was there, the difference in comfort can be substantial.

Shoes that Take Care of Your Feet

With our in-house podiatry knowledge, we’re acutely aware of the many foot conditions that are often created or exacerbated by poorly designed and ill-fitting shoes.

As part of our rigorous design process, we took each shoe and designed it to be as wearable as possible by promoting the natural movement of your foot. For example, we promote arch support with built in heels, we reduce shock impact on the heel and ball of the foot with cleverly designed and discreet rubber pieces and we reduce unwanted foot movement within the shoe with carefully placed adjustable straps and coverings to ensure stability.

"In my profession, it has always been a difficult challenge to find footwear that supports the conditions that I treat as the shoe industry has struggled to deliver on quality, style and comfort. Each x Every is stepping into this gap by making the perfect shoe that woman desire without sacrificing on comfort."

Amanda, Brand Podiatrist