From tight toes to the annoying buckle you wish just wasn’t there, buying shoes can often mean a trade-off. But, with an increasing appetite for more personalised shoes and constantly evolving technology, there’s no longer a need to compromise on getting exactly what you want. If you’ve ever wanted to customise your own shoes but didn’t know where to start - we’re here to help! From choosing the right leather to picking colours and trims that work for your wardrobe (spoiler: the answer isn’t always black), here’s everything you need to know to confidently customise shoes online.

Start with leather


First things first, choose your leather carefully. Depending on where you’re planning on wearing your personalised shoes, the type of leather you go for can make all the difference to their look and comfort levels. If you need new heels to stand or walk in all day, a soft lambskin, Nappa or suede might be the best option to customise your own shoes with. For boots that are likely to come into contact with rain, a more robust patent or full-grain will be harder wearing.


Generally speaking, softer leathers and suedes will be more flexible, ideal if you have a broader foot, but more delicate when it comes to adverse weather. Likewise, firm leathers will keep their structure better over time, providing essential support for those with narrower feet, and a smart, polished finish. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking a leather to customise shoes online, but thinking ahead will help you get the most out of it for seasons to come.

Customise your own shoes in different leathers



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Let's talk trims


What’s in a trim? A lot more than you might think actually. Whether you’re a maximalist or a minimalist, think of trims as the finishing touches to your personalised shoes. A particular trim can make all the difference between a casual weekend shoe and a smart work boot - the devil really is in the details.


If you’re customising a boot, think carefully about whether an understated zipper or smart buckle closure work better for your day-to-day. Similarly, if you spend most of your time on your feet, a block heel can help to give a perfect daytime lift, while slimmer heels offer a classic look for smarter, evening events. Trims are what bring everything together, setting the tone for your overall look. So, if you’ve opted to customise shoes online in classic black or brown leather, here’s where you can really let your personality shine.

Customise your own shoes with different trims


Size definitely matters

While not technically a customisation, getting your shoe size perfect is the single most important part of customising your own shoes, so it’s worth getting right. First, measure your feet by checking out the Each x Every Foot Measuring Guide. 

Once you’ve got your length and width measurements, you’ve effectively finished your personalised shoes journey. Each x Every offers three width options and a comprehensive range of full and half sizes so you can customise your own shoes with confidence.