To ensure you get the most out of your Each x Every shoes, we source only the highest quality natural materials and work with the best artisanal manufacturers. As every individual piece of leather is hand treated, you might find small variations in colour, markings and veins.

These differences are natural and contribute to making each and every design unique. All of our leathers and suedes are protected during the manufacturing process, but we do recommend a few things to keep your shoes looking their best.


Leather is best cleaned with a soft dry cloth and leather cream before gently buffing out.

Suede needs to be cleaned gently with a rubber suede brush, taking care to smooth all the fibres in the same direction.

Other synthetic materials and fabrics can be gently cleaned with a damp cloth.


Due to the sensitive nature of suede, we recommend treating your suede shoes with a waterproofing spray before wearing. Even if treated, we advise keeping our suede products away from water to ensure they look their best.

If your shoes get wet we recommend wiping them with a cloth and allowing them to dry naturally in a warm, airy environment. Be aware that drying shoes next to radiators may damage the leather so allow your shoes to dry naturally wherever possible.

If your shoes get caught in the snow, we recommend taking them to a leather specialist for stain removal treatments.

Do not store your shoes in direct sunlight.



Almost all of our shoes are made with traditional leather soles. In order to preserve their longevity, we recommend having them reheeled when you notice signs that the sole is wearing away. Some signs that your soles are due for maintenance are signs of splitting, uneven wearing across the sole and noticeable water damage.


The very best way to store your shoes is to keep them in their individual dust bags inside the box.